Vacancy Election set for March 9, 2021, early voting starts February 8, 2021

[Orange County, CA, January 26, 2021] Janet Rappaport, international tax attorney, and professor with distinguished Navy service has declared her candidacy for the Orange County Board of Supervisors 2nd District open seat.

An experienced legal, tax, and financial professional with the skills needed to fill the Second District seat, Janet grew up in Orange County, specifically Los Alamitos, and Santa Ana (unincorporated area), now Corona del Mar. She knows Orange County and its issues well, having lived there for more than 55 years.

Janet is a graduate of Stanford University and holds two law degrees, Pepperdine University, Caruso School of Law, JD, and New York University School of Law, LLM. She has long been involved in the community through pro-bono law projects, city committee work, and non-profit participation.

"I am committed to being the voice of civility and helping redirect our public discourse back on a path that leads to solutions rather than the complete breakdown we have experienced on all sides for quite a few years,” said Rappaport. "I know that politics has become very divisive and disruptive to our everyday well-being. No matter what side one is on, I think everyone feels the same.”

Janet Rappaport’s early experience working with national and state officials at a time when work got done, ideas and proposed solutions were freely expressed, and the focus was on the needs of the people being represented was a large reason for her entry into this race. Janet hopes to convey that message during her campaign for the seat that is characterized as “non-partisan” by OC Registrar of Voters documentation.

"My campaign is not about taking sides. It is about the issues all of us in the 2nd District deal with today, especially the Covid-19 pandemic and its related challenges. It is about working, regardless of affiliation, for the benefit of Orange County. Together we can make better decisions resulting in the conservative and effective use of your tax dollars which are managed by the Board of Supervisors. My campaign is about listening to residents and being just and responsive to those concerns."

Janet Rappaport is qualified and has relevant experience to deal with the County's primary challenge, stopping the COVID-19 virus. Now more than ever, the County needs a neutral, goal-driven posture and a supervisor who will work to form strong relationships with the State and other partners to ensure Orange County and its residents receive the funding it desperately needs. Once obtained we can continue to address the existing issues (homelessness, food insecurity, affordable housing, health care access, water issues, fires and more) and begin addressing new issues created by Covid-19, many with long-term impacts on the County’s economy and communities (bankruptcies, employment and the now concerning negative impact on children's emotional health due to living in a pandemic, to name a few).

Learn more about Janet Rappaport by visiting her website at vote4janetrappaport.com