The role of the Board of Supervisors is not legislative or policymaking. Supervisors have oversight for the County’s budget (~7.6 billion dollars), they review and award of county-wide contracts (waste, etc.), appoint to boards and commissions, have OC Sheriff budget oversight and daily management of county resources such as the public health department, parks and OC's Medicare administrator. It is, as it is called, a "supervisorial role," but exceedingly important because these five people have oversight of the use of your tax dollars.

The 2nd District is one of the five Board of Supervisor districts and includes the cities of Costa Mesa, Cypress, Huntington Beach, La Palma, Los Alamitos, Newport Beach, Seal Beach, Stanton, the unincorporated area of Rossmoor, and parts of both Buena Park and Fountain Valley. See my videos on the Main Page. I have visited all of the 2nd District cities during this campaign.

​About 20% (607,000) of the population of Orange County reside here. Recent 2nd District statistics show 396,000 registered voters. There are three large equal groups of voters in the 2nd District, 1/3 Republican 1/3 Democrat and 1/3 No Party Preference along with small numbers of American Independents, Peace and Freedom or Green party members. 

I have lived all my life in Orange County. My parents came from Illinois to California and within California they chose Orange County. Aside from brief absences for education or work I have spent over 50 years in Orange County.


My family initially came to Los Alamitos, then moved to Santa Ana (unincorporated area). I now live in Corona del Mar. I know personally what an incredible home Orange County can be. I attended elementary school(s), junior high school, and high school in Orange County public schools (OUSD). As a youngster I went before the Orange County Board of Supervisors to advocate for the creation of what is now Peters Canyon Regional Park.


Because the unincorporated county area, where I grew up, was managed by the Board of Supervisors rather than a city council, I am very familiar with and and understand the role of the Board of Supervisors.


After I left to college and law school, Orange County began to evolve from a place of rows and rows of orange and avocado groves to a county of businesses, top universities and colleges, outstanding medical facilities and cultural facilities that provided quality jobs and a beautiful environment in which to live. It was no longer necessary to go to Los Angeles for many of these things. My parents and their generation planned for the future of Orange County and made these things possible.


While Orange County was growing and expanding in these very positive ways, we as a County were not escaping the very serious matters confronting a major population center (now 3.2 million people). I am aware of these issues (homelessness, the need for jobs, food insecurity,  affordable housing, access to health care, children's health issues, funding for education, clean water and water shortages, repeating fires and so many more) which in normal times are difficult, but with the overlay of a pandemic with no certain end, we are faced with an incredible hurdle before we can even begin to continue the work to move forward on these issues in a meaningful way.

And COVID-19 has brought Orange County new issues such as potential long-term negative impact on the County's healthcare delivery systems, and the now concerning impact on children's emotional health due to living in a pandemic, to name a few.  It must also be remembered that a significant portion of the  2nd District coastal areas will be faced with sea level rise which has been predicted to be significantly impactful within the next 10 years.  

I think we need the best ideas we can have to move forward on all of these issues. I think I can provide a civil conversation and bring some new perspectives  (political party neutral) and solutions for these issues.

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