I cannot leave this discussion without addressing the elephant in the room.  The pandemic is still raging, vaccines are in short supply and distribution is inefficient.


​To restore our community and stabilize the economy the virus must be controlled

It is as simple as that.

  • As long as this virus is with us, we cannot move away from the economic suffering and hardship we have all endured for the last year.  We are fortunate that scientists have brought us vaccines. Let us not squander this opportunity to bring this sad period to a close.

  • Vaccine distribution and availability decision-making by supervisors must be transparent.  The speedy vaccine delivery to every resident must be our first priority.

  • The more vaccine information the residents of Orange County have the better. Logistical issues and shortages should not be hidden, but rather disclosed and worked out.  There must be absolute transparency here. The people of Orange County have a right to know.

  • Orange County deserves better coordination, communication and a uniform and unified message to all cities and residents.

  • Businesses need support, residents need jobs back, children need to be in school. If elected I will fully examine each and every city in the 2nd District to see where help is needed most and I will do my best to the extent of the jurisdiction of the Board of Supervisors to see that needed support is available from the County or from our state and federal partners.

This will be my first priority as your 2nd District Supervisor.  

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My Education and Teaching

  • El Modena High School, Orange - Go Vanguards! 

  • Undergraduate degree - Stanford University, BA

  • Legislative Assistant, California State Office, Washington DC 

  • Two law degrees -

    • Pepperdine University, Caruso School of Law, JD 

    • New York University School of Law LLM (Taxation) 

  • Federal Court Clerkship, Attorney Advisor to the United States Tax Court (Washington, DC)​

  • Adjunct Professor of Law at Chapman University Fowler School of Law - credentials in international taxation assisted Law School when obtaining ABA accreditation for graduate tax program.  Also taught at UCI in business program. 

Military Service

I served for approximately 11 years in the United States Navy reserve forces, with distinction, including being awarded the Joint Service Medal. I chose the Navy because of family tradition.  I am proud of my service to this country.  I am also proud of the nonpartisan history of the United States military.

Community Involvement Highlights


  • ​California Community Foundation

    • Instrumental in coordinating Los Angeles CCF's first major corporate grant which created a secure financial foundation for rapid growth of charitable assets. (At that time Orange County did not have a community foundation.)

  • Creation of the UCI Medical School, Annual "Irving Rappaport, MD, DMD Award For Excellence" (in honor of my late father) given to the outstanding medical resident, emphasizing patient care in study of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery.

    • "For technical skill and problem-solving ability; compassion and devotion to care of the patient; pursuit of a path that will advance knowledge and clinical care for surgery patients."

    • This year, the ceremony like so many was held via Zoom. 

  • Pro Bono 

    • Examples include low-income tax filing assistance, AIDS, military disability assistance for returning warriors.

    • During the pandemic provided help to individuals in the community and businesses while people were losing their jobs, closing their businesses, trying to understand CARES Act, such as how to reopen, what governmental authorities have jurisdiction over various businesses. I was able to provide answers and guidance for many individuals, some companies and a state agency.

  • ​City Involvement - Appointment to Citizen Advisory Committee by the City of Newport Beach, Coastal Bay Water Quality Committee

    • We explored all aspects of the Orange County watershed and issues impacting water quality and conservation of water resources. (I am no longer on this committee.)

  • Various - ​Boys and Girls Club supporter; Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in Orange County/Inland Empire - major fundraiser; board member for several nonprofits in Orange County including current Board Member of the Baroque Music Festival, Corona del Mar.


This vacated supervisor seat created a unique and immediate need to consider public service. There were numerous considerations in making this decision, but most difficult was the knowledge that politics had become so divisive and disruptive to the everyday well-being of all of us. No matter what “side” one is on I think everyone feels the same. Do I really want to be a part of that?

The answer is yes, I do!  Why? Because I remember my experience working in national and state politics during a time when work got done, ideas were expressed and there were common causes – the focus was on the needs of the people being represented.

My campaign is not about taking “sides.”  It is about the issues all of us in the 2nd District are facing today; it is about working with all regardless of affiliation for the benefit of Orange County. The voices of all 2nd District residents must be considered so that together we can make decisions that result in the conservative and just management of the tax dollars entrusted to the Board of Supervisors to oversee.  In short, my campaign is about listening to residents and being just and responsive to those concerns.

I have no doubt that I will be very effective digging in, examining issues, coming up with solutions and reaching consensus.  I have the background and experience to do this.  But that will not be enough for the residents of Orange County at this time. Now more than ever, Orange County requires strong relationships with State partners and others on key issues like funding.  I will strengthen existing relationships and build new relationships where none exist.

I am committed to being the voice of civility and to help redirect our public discourse back to a path that is helpful to the people and leads to solutions rather than the complete breakdown we have experienced on all “sides” for quite a few years.


I am not a politician nor am I political when seeking solutions.  I am a legal, tax and finance expert with years of experience in financial transactions, financial reporting and review of public company SEC filings. I can manage to a budget, and dig in to numbers  to see where there are inefficiencies or improvements to be made.

Negotiating major infrastructure projects (airports, wastewater facilities, drinking water facilities, manufacturing facilities, clean rooms, etc.) has provided a detailed view of how these facilities function, what the risks and concerns are for the countries or municipalities who are receiving these facilities. Japan's Kansai airport, Northern Ireland's drinking water infrastructure, New Zealand and Australia sewer and recycle projects in sensitive agricultural areas are some examples.

I have experience in resolving problems of logistics for products moving around the globe; working alongside logistics professionals and dealing with the legal, tax and customs issues as thousands of products cross country borders. As a result, I have a solid understanding of the complexity of these matters and an appreciation of the level of detail involved in planning for successful logistical outcomes.  Getting vaccines to people is a logistical problem.

I have negotiated more than 50 agreements with all levels of government, US and foreign, on behalf of US businesses. I know that to getting to conclusion requires perseverance, persistence alongside civility and respect among all at the table.  Without that, nothing is ever accomplished

Those are my skills and some of my experience that you will find relevant when making your decision on who is qualified to receive your vote

These skills were gained while working at, as examples, KPMG Peat Marwick - Orange County, Fluor Corporation, Tyco International and many of the government negotiations referred to above where undertaken while working with Unocal [now Chevron] (Asia), Herbalife (Latin America and Europe) and Fluor Corporation (North Asia).



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